Atari ST

As I still love the platform where my demoscene "career" started, I decided to learn MC68000 assembler and create some demoscene related works, albeit about 20 years too late. Personally, I prefer the old ST over the STe and its "enhancements" so I've only done products using the old tricks rather than using hardware scrolling and whatnot.

Dominion Proto cracktro .prg


A small retro cracktro for Elite. I had had the idea of using the space invaders sprites for an intro for a long time, and I thought making them animated, and zoom in and out would make a nice effect. The final version works much better as it's synced to the music, and I have to thank Prowler for making that suggestion, as well as supplying the awesome logo.

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Release date: December 2018

Re-birth HD patch intro .prg


A small intro for D-Bug again. Nothing fancy, just liked the idea of an underwater scene with air bubbles rising up to the surface.

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Watch in YouTube (50 fps)

Release date: August 2015

Meet !Cube .zip


A music demo with all my tunes since my "comeback" to the Atari-scene. Includes my entry, 'Decisive Factor' to the Silly Venture 2012 party YM-music competition. I must thank Yerzmyey/AY-Riders and dEViLOCk/Arsenic for letting me create Atari ST remixes of their wonderful tunes, as well as Samurai/Inter Development for creating the graphics on a short notice.

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Release date: December 2012, Silly Venture 2012 party

Silly Venture 2011 Invitation Intro .zip


This was my first Atari ST intro but it was released after the D-Bug cracktro. It was originally done as a cracktro for D-Bug too but I never got it finished as every graphics artist that worked on it dropped the ball at some point. Finally Grey/Mystic Bytes asked whether it could be used as an invitation intro for the Silly Venture 2011 party. Piesiu/Mystic Bytes drew some awesome graphics for it, and I added some little features like fades and a 4-pixel raster scroll instead of a 12-pixel one to finish it up.

Doesn't feature anything that fancy, just some opened side and lower borders, and a dual playfield raster trick with a bytebending scroller.

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Release date: June 2011

Prince of Persia cracktro .zip


This was my first released intro for the Atari ST, a cracktro for the group D-Bug. Uses some nifty synchronized code and tricks to achieve the big scroller, implemented by changing the background color every 8 pixels, whereas you normally can only do it every 12-pixels with a 'move.w (a0)+,(a1)'. Also uses a digidrum tune which normally screws up any synchronous code.

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Release date: June 2010