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mbird (09.07.2017 05:49:08)
Hi! Nectarine radio lovez you. Many of us agree that your tracks are among the very best on there.

Jinee (22.06.2017 12:37:15)
Awesome cool stuff.
Love your soundcloud as well!
You're amazing

Andreas Rohdin (MrGamer) (05.01.2017 15:10:48)
Hey d00d!

Decided to pay your personal site a visit!

A lot of fun stuff here with a biography and all!

Maybe I'll msg you on SoundCloud as well. ;)

Keep up the good work!

/ Andreas.

Joshua (20.12.2016 10:03:37)
Just found your soundcloud account - blown away by so many fantastic tracks!

Steve (27.11.2016 13:21:34)
Always loved your beeps and blops. Awesome ST music over the years - never give up. Keep on creating :)
  Thank you for those kind words :) (27.11.2016 23:04:10)

Krokussify (14.08.2015 12:01:14)
Ransumaasta, what an awesome track <3 This is my fav mod.

Fits well with Unreal Tournament. Try it.

Johan Krafft (02.04.2013 13:58:33)
'Starchild' is SUBLIME. Absolutely fantastic work. Greetz from Logic Bomb (psytrance nerds since 1999)/.se

Knt (02.09.2012 15:49:11)
Just heard your music "Scotchman in a skirt" from (S2E1), and I must say its incredible!

herttua (06.06.2012 14:03:50)
Todella hyviä biisejä!

kooderi (23.12.2011 12:35:09)
Kiitti vaan! Hyvää musaa ja meininkiä!

Pearly (22.08.2010 10:38:11)
Love your "Kampela" to bits ever since I discovered it in 2009. Who cares if it's 'some shit for the compo'! :D

deleyt (04.03.2010 23:51:19)
You have quite some skills. It's great to hear your music.
I hope we get to listen to more songs from you in the future.

EMX (13.09.2009 12:29:58)
Your C64 sid musics Co0L,
Gr33tingz from !ST4NBUL/TR

Torley (20.01.2009 05:09:01)
You have some brilliant works, thank-you for sharing them with the world.

I was introduced to your music by way of "Semi-automatic Dumbek", whose name I wonder... what does it mean? I found out about it after watching textmode demos.

Continue this lovely inspiration!

Nathan (17.01.2009 09:28:24)
Ransumaasta Kajahtaa is an amazing track. I also like the cleanliness of your web page. Thank you for the fine music!

Abdulla (25.09.2007 21:36:28)
Hello! You have a Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know

D Fast (24.06.2007 14:53:31)
Kiitos kaikista biiseistäsi, musiikkisi on toiminut suurena innoittajana träkkeriajoillani!

Kasper (11.01.2007 14:42:20)
I must follow suit and add a touch of compliment to those previously mentioned in stating that your gift of music composition comes so natural I'm rather jealous.

the 'is' operator (14.09.2006 13:52:13)
Your music is a great inspiration to my own. I hope that doesn't sound too tacky, but it's the least I could say.


asasega (23.08.2006 01:28:07)
dumnezeu sa binecuvanteasca oamenii ca tine, care creeaza asemenea muzica
multumesc mult
thank you

joshua (13.06.2006 06:21:11)
perfect circle module for download oO
just awesome music

Monk (09.06.2006 06:48:07)
Hey - you are a great musician, and it seems a fine coder (although I am a poor judge of that). You have created some wonderful works, thank you for it!

CPT_Obvious (12.05.2006 22:54:43)
Nice! I finally have your releases again, after loosing them three years ago when my drive bricked. Your music has made an impression on my life. Thanks for the high quality work!

tonic (11.04.2006 23:35:51)

Phaser (06.04.2006 21:23:02)
♩♪♬♫♪♩♫♪♬♫♪♪♬♫♪ ♬♫♪♪♬♫♪♩♪♬♫♪♩♫♪

Sol (06.04.2006 18:04:45)
yea, welcome to the club!

Stallone (06.04.2006 18:03:51)
Welcome to GFXILE dood!